Overwatch Deters Break-In on Property

Our team recently prevented a break-in in on a closed property using the Live Guard Monitoring system installed onsite. In the video we see a man come onto the property and begin messing with the locked door. Soon after the man enters a woman follow behind to help with the job. As soon as both people enter the camera’s view an alert is sent to our command center were a live guard assess the footage and then initiates a talk down using the two-way audio included with the system. As soon as both people hear the warning they turn around and leave the property. The area is secured and will continue to be live-monitored by our guards for the rest of the night.

The Live Guard Monitoring system is one of Overwatch Technologies’ most advanced security solutions. It provides 24/7 surveillance of properties and assets, detecting any suspicious activity and alerting the Overwatch monitoring team immediately. The system also features a two-way audio system, which allows the security guard to speak to any potential intruders and warn them that the authorities have been contacted. This feature is particularly useful in preventing break-ins, as it can deter intruders from attempting to break in or cause damage.

Security You Can Count On

Overwatch Technologies’ Live Guard Monitoring system represents a pinnacle of advanced security solutions. It offers round-the-clock surveillance for properties and assets, swiftly identifying any suspicious activity and promptly notifying the Overwatch monitoring team. Additionally, this system includes a two-way audio feature, enabling security personnel to communicate with potential intruders and caution them about the authorities’ involvement. This capability proves especially valuable in deterring break-ins, dissuading intruders from attempting unauthorized entry or causing damage.

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