Overwatch Deters Mailroom Theft

Mailroom theft is getting out of hand. According to The New York Times: “Package theft is a major problem around the country, and it’s only getting worse as more of us shop for everyday items online. It’s especially bad in New York City, where a 2019 New York Times analysis found that a stunning 90,000 packages are lost or stolen every day.

Overwatch Technologies uses live agent + AI technology to stop the theft of packages from a parcel area. This video demonstrates how we stopped mailroom theft. The burglars hid their faces to escape the AI recognition from cameras that trigger alarms. However, our live agents activated the alarms, ultimately preventing the theft of many parcels!

Security You Can Count On

Overwatch Technologies is dedicated to providing innovative security solutions that meet the needs of their clients. Their advanced security systems are not only effective in preventing break-ins, but they are also easy to install and maintain. This makes them an excellent choice for property owners looking to upgrade their security systems. The company’s success in stopping the recent break-in on the multi-family residential property is a testament to their commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

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