Overwatch Stopped Loitering with AI Technology and Live Agents

Overwatch Stopped Loitering with AI Technology and Live Agents.

AI technology is a big disruptor in the physical security business. 

(According to Forbes.com)

Not only does it lower security costs, it changes the operation model from being passive to proactive. Using algorithms installed with the technology, you can analyze user behavior, incorporate face identification, and even detect weapons. 

We have our live agents utilize the technology to recognize crime attempts effectively. For example, in this video, a person was loitering in front of an entrance, but our security solutions identified that this was a stranger and triggered the alarms effectively. No flex, but this is the result you get when you work with Overwatch Technologies!

Another video of Overwatch stopping Loitering is here!

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Security You Can Count On

Overwatch Technologies is dedicated to providing innovative security solutions that meet the needs of their clients. Their advanced security systems are not only effective in preventing break-ins, but they are also easy to install and maintain. This makes them an excellent choice for property owners looking to upgrade their security systems. The company’s success in stopping the recent break-in on the multi-family residential property is a testament to their commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

Live Agent Monitoring

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highlighted person loitering in a building,

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