What is loitering You’d Asked?

What is loitering?

We have an example of loitering in this video.

Two loiterers (possibly with other motives) attempted to be in multiple property entries. They were wandering around the property entry and were not legal residents of the building. You can see them trying to use something in their bags when they approach the entrances.

Still, all of our cameras caught them in real-time, and our live agents promptly triggered alarms in 3 different areas that detected them, even the one far away.

An informative article for homeowners and property managers shines the light on loitering. Loitering poses a nuisance and can raise security concerns.” They have stated ways to stop loitering, which amazingly are all our services! Here are some steps our live agents take to stop loitering:

  • Use AI security cameras to identify unauthorized activity. This is crucial; our cameras can remember faces and differentiate unknown faces.
  • Use security and “no loitering” signs. Even though this seems old school, having more warnings visually creates a good impact.
  • Use two-way audio to communicate with perpetrators directly, deterring their actions. Verbal warnings are rated the most effective way to stop robbers from entering a vicinity.
  • Report issues to authorities if consistent. We have live agents ready to call authorities when the issues accelerate. 

Check out the video where our alarms to “convince” loiterers to leave in action! We work very hard to deliver a safer environment for residents to be less anxious walking around where they live.

There are many live event videos here. 


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Security You Can Count On

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Live Agent Monitoring

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